Arnoldus Offshore Consultancy  is owned by experienced Technical project leader Marco Arnoldus.

Arnoldus Offshore Consultancy assists you with a wide range of offshore transport and installation issues in the wind energy and oil & gas (for example jackets, topsides, TLP, Semi-Submersibles, Moorings and wind turbine foundations). Consultancy can be given with regards to the removal of offshore Oil and Gas structures but also helping out with setting up project teams or support during offshore executions. Main consultancy skills include:


About me

Eighteen years ago I started working as a junior engineer at one of the main transport and installation contractors in the offshore industry.  Starting with all kind of engineering tasks, like; grillage and rigging calculations, I worked my way up to Technical Project manager. As a Technical Project manager I lead multiple engineering teams up to 20 people preparing projects to be transported and installed by the offshore installation vessels. During these year I learned a lot about the various types of offshore platforms,  interfacing with the various clients and fabrication yards and the executions offshore. For several projects all preparations were done by the teams before going offshore which included risk assessments (HAZids), planning, logistic interfaces, procurement, engineering and HSE.

Recent Projects

Besides the above I worked on several other tasks like preparation of tenders, budget inputs and FEED studies.

My way of Working

Calm, professional and creating an environment in which my team members can excel.

What clients/previous employer value the most is that, even under pressure, I stay calm and keep focused on the task in hand.

Working with a team I like to keep the ‘helicopter’ view on things. Not being a micro manager but letting the team members perform their best on the subjects they are knowledgeable about.

When performing my work I do not have a 9-to-5 mentality. When needed I step in and go the extra mile.